Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Introducing Destination Chesterfield

Destination Chesterfield is a project funded through money from the European Regional Development Fund and is helping improve the economic prosperity of the town through a campaign to promote Chesterfield as a modern, contemporary destination for inward investment.
Welcome to my first blog entry. My name is Peter Swallow and I am Chairman of Destination Chesterfield.
This new approach to promoting the town sees the local business community playing a central role in its success by leading an independent board of directors for Destination Chesterfield, and businesses pledging their support by subscribing to become Chesterfield Champions.
To date more than 45 businesses have joined the scheme from sole traders to multi-national
companies and we want to involve any trade or company who is of the view, as we are, that raising
the profile of Chesterfield will benefit their business. If that is you, please get in touch and come to
our next event to see what it is all about.
So why did I get involved? I am a Chesterfield resident and our company, Bolsterstone Group,
has been investing and working on assembling the Chesterfield Waterside project for the last
seven years, a scheme which is listed by Regeneration and Renewal magazine as the 50th biggest project in the UK.

Now is the time to promote Chesterfield in a new light, reflecting our heritage and our strategic location but in a new and
contemporary way.  There are a number of key regeneration projects including Waterside around the town and as residents, employers and  employees, we all have a role to play in this new look Chesterfield to ensure we reach our potential. Examples of this merging change are already there for all to see; for example, the new football ground and the Casa hotel.
The Destination Chesterfield board is pleased to have appointed a manager to drive this project forward, Dom Stevens. Dom is employed on a full time basis to promote the place and the businesses of Chesterfield.

I am looking forward to updating you on what is happening in Chesterfield and celebrating the town’s successes;
we will also introduce you to some of the ‘Chesterfield Champions’ through this column.
Our new website www.chesterfield.co.uk will act as a portal for everything that is happening in Chesterfield and if you use twitter please follow us www.twitter.com/chesterfielduk or facebook on www.facebook.com/chesterfielduk
To find out more about Destination Chesterfield and the Chesterfield Champions Scheme visit
http://www.chesterfieldchampions.co.uk/ or contact Dom on 01246 207207 or email dominic.stevens@dncc.co.uk

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