Friday, 1 April 2011

Spreading the Word

Welcome to my second blog, which provides a monthly insight as to what is happening to promote the town of Chesterfield and its businesses, via the Destination Chesterfield project.

As an example, during early March, i travelled to MIPIM, the world's largest property conference, which is attended by thousands f delegates from across the globe representing banks, investors, local authorities, architects - the list of disciplines goes on and on.

As a delegate, attending on behalf of my company and amongst other things promoting the Chesterfield Waterside project, I took the opportunity to promote the town and businesses of Chesterfield to this worldwide audience.

This is an example of how, at no cost to the Destination Chesterfield project, and as 'Chesterfield Champions' we can use our ongoing activities to promote Chesterfield as a whole, providing information on all the opportunities available, and raising the profile of the town.  It is important that we all get involved in promoting the town, whether as residents, workers or business owners.  However, I'm sure many of you may be asking 'how do i start?

It could be as simple as following us on twitter or becoming a fan on facebook, sharing and commenting on the news stories we post with your friends, family and colleagues.

You may live and work in Chesterfield, or work elsewhere, but will be dealing with people on a day to day basis.  This inter-action provides a great opportunity to talk about what's happening in Chesterfield, the latest events, news, the great meal you had at a local restaurant or the exciting developments that are happening in and around the Town.  By way of example, did you know that the Red Lion at Stonedge is opening a newly constructed boutique hotel in April?  Why not tell all your friends and colleagues?

We will update the latest news at and will be sending out a regular e-newsletter that you can sign up for.

If you own or manage a business locally, consider the Chesterfield Champions scheme.  This is a way you can become directly involved and be a driving force in shaping the project; you can ensure your staff or team are aware of what's going on locally.  For example why not add a section on to the end of your staff meeting to discuss what's happening in the town this week?

Over the last month the town has enjoyed ministerial visit is and influential people have been impressed with Chesterfield's achievements and future plans.  Chris Huhne MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change said "Chesterfield is a great example of how the local authority and local companies are making the most of the low carbon economy.  Chesterfield Borough Council and the new Casa Hotel are putting in to practice what many areas are still only talking about."

The Government's Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Andrew Stunell MP, said: " The lively and vibrant town centre is clearly the hub of the local economy and community, and Chesterfield is going from strength to strength."

There is now real progress in growing the prospects and profile for Chesterfield in the future. Please think about how you can play your part.

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